A thank-you letter from The Minister Of Education


Hello Thunkers,
I’ve just received a thank-you letter from the minister of education in Iraq.
A member of parliament who wrote a letter to the minister saying that Hayder have built an educational app which helps the students in Iraq. After that letter, the minister decided to give me a thank-you letter to thank me for my effort.
I am really exciting and so happy.
Thank you Thunkers for helping and supporting me!
Thank you Thunkable team for giving me this chance to achieve my goal.




Congratulations @Hayder_Ghazi


Amazing to see what Thunkers can do. Congrats!


Congratulations on your success and I encourage you to build more such apps.


Thank you so much mates! @indian @Kleyber_Derick @Red_Panda @Eenjeen


@thunkable new badge? For people who got an email from minister of education! Would be dope…


Lol… hahahaha


Congrats! You are the man, sir!


Congratulations @Hayder_Ghazi


Thanks a lot @ILoveThunkable @fabioirmao @giorgiospugnesi @Shivendra_Kr_Sahu!
I do appreciate that!


U’re the best teacher…

I will follow u’re create good class
Good media with thunkable


Fantastic news. Congrats!


Thank you so much @Mr_Mahdum!
Thank you so much @arun
I do appreciate what you did for us Mr. Arun!


Awesome! So proud of you :slight_smile:





Thank you so much @wei! I do appreciate what you did to improve Thunkable!


Thanks a lot @Swetha!


You are the greatest! congratulations! keep it up! :+1: