A example to Make alarm app

Is there a example, or aia to make alarm

Hi there. We don’t yet have a clock component on iOS which I think would be essential for an alarm. Can you describe with any more detail what kind of app you want to build so that we can better understand your use case?


PS Also, no .aia equivalent just yet on iOS but we are working on a solution for enabling sharing app projects


Hey Albert is it possible in near future that iOS version will have extensions to be added as we do in android.Features like firebase ,fusion tables will be more helpful.
Thank you


Hi there. It may be awhile before we enable extensions but we should be adding support for databases like the ones you mentioned soon. We are making a big push to add components soon.

Albert @ Thunkable


Hi, @albert can android thunkable aia, l import to ios thunkable?

Hi there.

Unfortunately you can’t convert an Android app into iOS at the moment. We may add that feature in the future but it’ll likely be faster for you to start your app building on iOS from scratch.

Sorry about that,
Albert @ Thunkable

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