A bug: Canvas does not work if DataSource presents

Hello! I have found a bug.


We have 2 screens

  1. StartScreen: only Data_Viewer_List (and redirect to CanvasScreen)
  2. CanvasScreen: only Canvas

If we dont connect Data_Viewer_List to Data_Source, the Canvas appears normaly.
But if we add DataSource to Data_Viewer_List, the Canvas does not work anymore.

Moreover, if we delete DataSource from Data_Viewer_List the Canvas does not work anyway.
Now the Canvas will start only if we delete the Data_Viewer_List.

What to do?

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One more: if CanvasScreen is above StartScreen, the canvas works anyway.

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Hey, I am also facing the same issue. Any updates on your problem? I badly need it. I would really appreciate if anyone can help me. :grinning:

Post a link to your project so we can see how you have things set up.

Thank a lot for your rapid response.
Below is the link for the test project I created.


When I am deleting the data viewer grid in the home screen and then try for a web preview, about screen shows up canvas. But not when the home screen has a data viewer grid.

Any solution would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Yes, I see what you mean. I would encourage you to submit a bug report so this can get fixed:

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Thanks again for a quick response. I have posted a bug report in Github/Thunkable issues.

I am posting the link of the issue here, so that anyone who visits this thread for the same issue will know the progress.

I am eagerly waiting for the solution. Thanks a ton again.