A better system for chat function

Hello, I have searched many youtube videos and forum topics but can’t find a specific answer to my question.
One of the apps I am currently developing contains a peer to peer chat function. I have managed to filter the messages that come back into a list viewer that only contain messages from user A to user B in one list. And from user B to user A in another list.
User A is obviously whoever is logged into the app and User B is the person they are attempting to talk to.
At present I am filtering this by all messages going to one spreadsheet, then setting up a rule saying that if the logged in email address matches the “from” column in the spreadsheet, all those messages are put into a new spreadsheet. The app then displays this second spreadsheet.

As you can imagine this is quite slow and this is before anyone else is using it. When the spreadsheets contain hundreds, thousands and hopefully more messages I can imagine it being quite unusable.

I feel there would be a way to do it using cloud variables but I can’t seem to figure it out. So I have 2 questions; 1) am I right in thinking I could do it using cloud variables? 2) Would it be a quicker and smoother process for the end user?

Yes, you should be using Firebase for this. Cloud variables will be faster and easier to scale.

You might start by Googling chat firebase Thunkable as there are some examples there.

So I have tried googling “chat app thunkable” and variations of that. Usually I get some Indian video which looks fine and clearly has a lot of information in it. But most of the videos I have found date back a few years. I think the problem is that I am trying to do it in DnD where most of the videos are classic style maybe(?). I don’t know if the blocks work different with each style. But I will try googling that what you have said and see what I can find.

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