502 error in community?

what is this 502 error in community when i am searching for some topics
image - image

Can you post a url for a search result that gives you that error?

i was just searching topics in community and it showed that

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This is a browser (internet gateway) error which means the browser could not reach the webpage.

You can search on the net “502 Bad Gateway Error”

i am not on browser i am on app community app in my laptop

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Your app is trying to reach a webpage or an internet content. Therefore you get this error if the app is not able to reach this content.

so you have any solution??

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See this from the app running Thunkable community

For your reference.

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No, because you haven’t provided a url. When you search the forums, you’ll be taken to a new url. Post that here so we can see an example.

I was seeing a ton of 502 errors when they were updating the forums. Was that yesterday or the day before? Anyway, they stopped after a few hours so I assume they had finished updating everything.