Your apps target API level [Walkthrough]

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I got an email from the Google Play Store this morning about updating one of my apps and this final point caught my attention:

I know a number of people have said that they couldn’t submit their app after uploading a new version, it turns our your might need to make a minor change to your store listing before you can click the button. The full message reads:

Click SUBMIT UPDATE. (If the submit button is grayed out, make a minor change to your store listing to activate the button. For example, add a space after your app title and then delete it).

What’s Happening?

Back in December 2017 Google Announced that they would be increasing the target API level to improve the overall security of Android apps and the Play store.

When is the API level increasing?

This increase will be phased in during the second half of this year. Google are giving everyone lots of notice to make sure that they’re up to speed with the changes.

From August 2018 all new apps must have a minimum target level of 26 (Android 8)
From November all existing apps must target API level 26 (or higher)

How does that affect me?

If you don’t plan on publishing to the Play store then this doesn’t affect you.

If you are publishing a new app in the Play store then from August 2018 onwards your app must be Android 8 or higher.

If you are updating an existing app in the Google Play store from November 2018 onwards then your app must be Android 8 or higher.

Can I still upload/update apps?


During the publication/update process you will see several warnings notifying about the impending changes, but you are still able to upload and publish during this time.

1. Upload Your .apk

Create a new production release just like you usually would and upload your .apk. You will see the following message:

2. Add Release Notes

You have to add some release notes before you can proceed to the review stage:

3. Review

Once you’ve added some release note you can click the “Review” button:

At the review stage you get a second notification about the API level changes that will happen in August/November, but these warnings don’t prevent you from rolling out your app.

4. Rollout to Production

Click the “Start Rollout to Production” button…

…you get a third and final warning about the API level changes. Click “confirm” to continue.

5. Done!

That’s it. You app or updated app will be reviewed and released in due course.


thanks for your work! And after August 2018? Sorry for my Ignorance! I would upload my new app (and only app :slight_smile: ) , i will be able to change my api level easy? I have to set and pay my account for google store , so if is hard for a beginner user as me i can wait thunkable upgrade and then upload my app.
Thanks for your help

Due to security optimization as @domhnallohanlon mentioned , after August 2018, you won’t be able to upload any new apps to the Google Play store and any new updates after November 2018. Thunkable needs to fix that themselves by increasing Target API level to 26.


I know you will fix it, thanks to all the thunkable staff . your work is always great.


Does that mean for the users that we get no app updates after Nov 2018 if we use a device with Android 7 or lower?! If so, Google must be joking, because Android Oreo takes only 5% of all Android versions.
(Site in German)

Thunkable will increase the target API to 26 prior to August 2018, so no one should have anything to worry about! Please continue with your app building!





Thanks @domhnallohanlon ! That is very helpful info :slight_smile:

You are confusing minimum and target APIs probably.

Phew, yes, I did. I panicked a bit

i am still struggling with final roll out as everything is done as per instructions.

still showing warning about API issue and button of roll out is not activated.

kindly sort me out if you can…


Don’t forget to add release notes letting you users know what’s new with this version of your app.

hie dom,

i already added notes but it’s not showing or activating button of roll out.

advice ?

Is your app a new release or an update?

If it’s a new release have you completed all the other sections of the store listing?

The release warning does prevent me from rolling out my app, what do I do?

First - Don’t duplicate your posts;
Second - Your first post was answered.Target API not met - Will not let me skip

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I am publishing my app and have no problem yet there is no issue for me now but let’s see in future but as @amrita said thunkabke will upgrade it

classic android will also be upgraded to new api?

I have uploaded the app and getting same warning message but i am not able to click on Rollout button… please help me…See the screenshot here.