You can only add 1 AdMob Banner ad per screen, error please help

I have a problem. in my app when you add an admob banner, a message “You can add only 1 AdMob banner ad per screen” appears, but I don’t have any banners in my project

Hi @Fernando_Matos, I had the same problem recently. I deleted my banner and when I wanted to add it back it showed that error message. I was able to fix it but I don’t remember how although I have a few recommendations:

  1. Create a new screen and just move the components there
  2. Save/copy the screen and then duplicate the project, delete the screen in the duplicate project and then paste it

Sorry I was not able to give a conclusive answer, but I hope these recommendations help

Hi @Fernando_Matos and @mythi,

If you experience an issue like this, please contact me or @domhnallohanlon with the URL of your project (the URL that begins with, not a copy URL)

This is something that we can fix very quickly!

You can contact us here, or you can use the chat feature on the Thunkable website.


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