Wrong current date format

When I trying to get the current date with the format yyy-mm-dd I get a mixed result :


to show that I make a empty form with one button and when I make click show me a alert box with the current date
Its that a bug or a my error?


Hey @castrejon.alejandrom :wave:

It looks like you might have discovered a bug - thanks for letting us know (but sorry fo the inconvenience)

I’ve flagged this with the team and hopefully we’ll be able to get this fixed soon.

In the meantime can you tell me a bit more about what you’re trying to do and I’ll to my best to help you figure out a work-around for now.


I do it in this way :

But I need to get the same date format en other screen, so I will wait to reduce the block and keep simply the solution,

This app will be for a Non-profit organization so i’m making the core and let the final user make future changes, of course with my support and the thunkable community.

Can you notify me when the bug be fixed please?

What format are you trying to get? yyyy-mm-dd?


Yes yyyy-mm-dd

Thanks - so is this approach working for your?

(I think there might be too many characters?)

Sorry, you are right, I was thinking in the way of I made in a programming lenguaje, the right solution its:

to get this:

Sorry, Alejandro. It turns out that that block was not meant to be released. As you discovered, it was not working properly. In our next release, that block (and some other, recently released, time/date blocks) will be removed. They will be re-released once they are working properly.


So, will be not way to get the current date and time from the device?

@castrejon.alejandrom, no it’s just a few of the formatting blocks that are being removed.

You will still be able to make your own custom date formatter with something like this:


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the current day of the month will be on 2 char (padiing zeros at left) or 1 char for days before the 10th and 2 char after that?

Good question!

So, the default is 1, 2, 3 etc for the months rather than 01, 02, 03 …

However, with a small bit of extra logic you can get yyyy-mm-dd format for all 12 months of the year:

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Ok, i will make some test, sane at current hour an I feed you back.

If you guys need a beta tester I will be happy to help, like developer I know that is a mistake to test what I do.

Best regards,
Alejandro Castrejon

Great, @castrejon.alejandrom ! :+1:

I think you should apply for Community Testers group :wink:

Apply here

We’ll be glad to see you as a beta-tester! :smile:

Thanks! :blush:

the Current 24-hour clock (0:00 - 23:59) block has a bug too

Thanks. As I mentioned a few days ago: