Working with objects makes the app slow

When working with objects to fill some inputs makes it slow

Hey @Daniel_Coglitore :wave:

What are they slow compared to?

Hi jared! , have you worked with objects? will be easier to know why the app turn slow when using objects… compare to all other functions in thunkable X the objects components works too slow…

I can’t say I experience too much slowdown.

Check out this app

It’s not the object that is slow, it is the speed at which you can read/write data from cloud Data or stored variables

From what one of the staff of thunkable said is that the speed in wich some components works it depens on the Phone… my phones are androids from the year 2017 mediun gamma ( I mean not too fast), compared to my roommates phone wich is better it performs yet a bit slow but more faster, how ever I made the same code in a web page (bubble) the same procedure and is very fast and performs the same procedure

as you can see in the image this is a procedure that extract from Json…
I only retrieve the json text from the database once and is very fast, the problem is when I repeat this procedure more that one time , it takes like 2 seconds to perform each procedure