App much slower on Android compared to Apple

My app is way much slower on an Android device (Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 - Android Version 8.0.0) and it’s very fast on iPhone (iPhone 7+ iOS 13.3.1) even if it’s just a simple app.

Any suggestions on what I can to make it faster on an Android device?
Any coding best practices or guidance to make sure the app will perform well on Android?
Any components, storage type, methods, that are known to be slow on Android that I should avoid?


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This is really good information! Here are some things I got from your blog:

  1. Clones are really slow on Android. Unfortunately I have a bunch of clones going on to build my custom grid view. I don’t have a work around for this yet. Any suggestions?
  2. I use stored variable for my main list of objects because I want users to be able to use the app offline. I cannot use app or localdb because it does’t persist. Any work around for this?
  3. List.insert at last is kinda slow. Any work around for this?

Thanks! Great work!

I see one workaround - use JavaScript in WebViewer

Do you mean that I’ll build my cloned grid components on javascript and display it on a webviewer?

No, I mean that JavaScript components work faster, but then you will need to do all or part of the Screen interface in JavaScript.

I get what you’re saying. That would be a big effort but I’ll think about it. Thanks!