WIX api connect to web api


How can I connect a wix.com database to thunkable web api ?


Do Wix provide an API that you can connect to?

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I think so because they have wixcode, api, database and all this stuff …

Did you ever get a solution?

like a lot of questions without solutions hh

@danyklein You didn’t really Provide much information. People won’t follow links you leave in here to do all of your heavy lifting. But if you try something. Post your screenshots. Post shots of the support docs for the api.

Then people can help you trouble shoot. IMO, it Looks like you are wanting all of the work done for you. Perhaps I’m incorrect, but you will get more answers when posting the supporting info such as:

A description of the Things you’ve tried
Screenshots of the blocks you tried
A share link to your project or testing ground project
Screenshots of the supporting api docs
Anything else you can think of

Alternatively, you could likely hire a freelance thunker to accomplish this task for you. Check out fiverr.com for that.

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