Winelearn: All about wine! Questions and other cool stuff!

Hello Thunkers,

I just released Winelearn my first app!

It’s an app for WSET and CMS students like me, were you can test your wine knowledge and get ready for the Sommelier exams. There is also an ABV and Residual Sugar calculator built in, that can tell you what is the potential ABV you can reach with fermentation given a X sugar level of the grape must. The calculator can also do a reverse calculation where given the current ABV and residual sugar of the wine you’ll get what was the approximate sugar level of the grape must before the Alcoholic fermentation.

If you like my app please come and drop a screenshot on my instagram pages: The_tastebuddy and Winelearn_app

Hope you’ll enjoy it and SALUTE!



Sounds great, do you​ have a link to your app you can share with us?

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Hi @domhnallohanlon

Here’s a link to the app!

Please let me know what you think!

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I love wine and New Zealand. Thanks for this App!