Recipe Guy - An app that can show you recipes based on ingredients you have

Ever had some ingredient and thought what should I cook with this… then you are at right place. Presenting my app RECIPE GUY that will ask for ingredient name from user and will recommend/suggest a dish that can be prepared from that ingredient. It’d be very useful when you are looking to make a nice dish with the available ingredient(s). Must try this app. Feedbacks or suggestions are most welcome.
Technology used: DialogFlow

Update Changelog: 1. Added support for notifications
2. Bug fixes
3. Compatible with Android 9(Pie)

Download from here


Hey, @Aaryan_Verma, nice app! But maybe you should somehow design a white place for the images, or I don’t know but they look ugly in your wallpaper. BTW, how you made voice recognition without the dialog?

Thanks for feedback. Images look ugly because their size is quite small which is not clearly visible in their original size so I increased the size of images due to which they gets pixelated and looks ugly. There is an option in android studio to make voice recognition without dialog box.

But you made this app with android studio?

Yes, I’ve made this app using Android studio

Okay, I thought it’s Thunkable. Anyways, great work!

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Hmm thanks :relaxed:

I know

Hi I want source code of your application maybe I can new features init kindly share complete project

@wajidnafees7877et you can find open source apps in #ShareYourApps

We also have an extensive collection of sample apps you can remix for free too.