Wildcard for variables

I’m wanting to change multiple objects in Firebase. Instead of creating blocks for each one I want to auto adjust all that exist.

Is there a wildcard I can enter here that will find all that exist? I searched the forums for wildcard and nothing came up, maybe there’s a different section for this.

Here’s an example of my blocks

I guess I can just perform this in a ‘for each item j’ block and make a list of what I need, but a wildcard would be faster and more efficient in case of future changes.

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Yes, you need to use a loop for this.

Ok alternatively, would there be a way to loop and exclude certain terms?
Like you could exclude terms with the character ! or something similar

Yes. But don’t think of it as looping through only certain items. Rather, you’re looping through the whole data set and only taking action on some items based on a condition. So within your loop, use an If/Else block and take action if — for example — a value is not equal to “!”

That sounds like the solution I need, where would that go in the blocks I pasted above?

I have no idea because I can’t see your whole loop. But as you loop through the items, you can use the does contain block in the Text drawer to check.

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