Why design of a thunkable app on iPhone looks very different to what I see when I create it?


I’m experiencing the same extemely annoying issue when a thunkable app looks different on iPhone compared to what I see at x.thunkable.com when I make it: components sizes are different, some elemets are not positioned as I see them in the thunkable. Has spent 4 hours already trying to make some small changes to design… Guys, that’s not acceptable - no progress in 5+ months in fixing the issue.

In Design mode and in Live Test design is OK, but in iOS it’s messed. Really annoying - hours of wasted time. Save time on coding, but lose on fighting with design bugs.

I can relate. Would you like to share a screen you are struggling with. I have no issues using thunkable and my iPhone 11 (or any other model, for that matter)

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