Why can't I right-click on the 3 types of blocks to bring up the submenu

Why can’t I right-click on the 3 types of blocks to bring up the submenu?
This picture I show
On the right hand side is a block that cannot Right click and select submenu.
Compare to the picture on the left where you can use the submenu.
Screenshot 2024-01-21 072411

I noticed recently any block that allows you to instantiate a variable (the ones you included) haven’t been working.

I tested the app in thunkable live successfully, but when I installed it as an apk on the real device Found that my app was not working at all.

Those are two different issues. Can you please clarify what the issue is for this post. Please keep threads to one topic only.

I’m trying to find an answer to a problem where my app isn’t responding. After installing on the phone
and tried Expand blocks to find this error
Until I came across something strange that was not normal according to this thread.
Initially, I would like to know Why can’t some blocks bring up a submenu? After the latest Thunkable live update

After the update on the 19th, this issue has been fixed.