Why am I not able to set the lat and long of a map in DVL?

I’m making a food blogging app, and displaying all the posts in a Data Viewer List connected to Airtable. When somebody writes a blog post, the location sensor saves their coordinates in 2 different columns, as well as the data they have inputted. When I link the map’s latitude and longitude to those columns, the app crashes, with the Critical Error Occurred message.
The way I’m linking it:

Sample of my Airtable Data:
This was originally inn SIGNLE LINE TEXT format, but that crashed, so I changed it to NUMBER format, and it’s still crashing.
How can I link my DVL maps to these columns?

You’re probably storing the numbers as text in Airtable (just a guess) and the map component needs numeric values.

When you say you changed it to NUMBER format, how did you go about that?

If you can post a screenshot of the blocks for your map component and numeric conversion, that would be helpful.

@tatiang, there’s a specific format you have to choose for your columns in Airtable, like SINGLE LINE TEXT, or URL. Right here:

My map is coded like this:

This allows the user to add a marker and sets the map’s coordinates.
This is part of the create object code to add a row in Airtable.

What can I do about this?

It’s hard to know because you described a problem with AirTable but then didn’t show those blocks. Have you tried replacing the green latitude and longitude blocks with strings that contain sample lat/lon values? Just to see if it works?