Who can tell me, what is NOT possible with MAP component?

Hi there,

I am trying to use the Map Component in Thunkable X on iphone.

I really like the bunch of settings. Clicking on the marker and the callouts triggers the event component.

But this is really useless, if you do not know, which marker was clicked!?!

Has anyone more experience?



Aha, is it right, that the only way to identify the clicked marker or callout is to get the current location of the location sensor?

This is a million dolar question. Is there a solution for x thunkable?

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In the handle of clicking on a marker, you need to create a cycle for all markers and find the one whose coordinates coincide with the coordinates of the selected marker.

This means using a lot of code block. Thats too bad. Actually this is fatal situation for my app. Is there an example block? (Who is admin? Please someone tag him/her.)

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I think you will be interested to see this project. On the Canvas tab, create several polygons, turn on Select, click on the marker and on the free space of the field.



Nice work but too Complicated. Can you show me a simple block: when i press marker, i want to see the lat and long value of marker in a label.

I figured out with this link. Which is same as you posted. Thanks. Map Component, "Event Block"

But there are still a lot of to solve.