Where is this block?


I need block with plug for containers - I can see those exists for the main layout and the user input component but I cant see those for CONTAINERS can someone help… my layout has 4-5 containers and I want to make them appear as needed


Hello @tiny_apps, for getting this block, you have to first go to block section of the screen where you want this, on left side bar, you will see many options, in the most bottom you will see a dropdown of ‘Advanced’, just click on it. And then in the next bottom of Advanced section, you will see an option of Any component, just click on Any component, now see in the most bottom of the blocks now opened, you will see a block like this,
To know more about these Any component blocks, read this: “Any Component” Blocks - Thunkable Docs

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-29 at 18.40.58

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There no option for containers… I can see get Layout, screen and other things but not CONTAINERS

Can u please share screenshot, or link of your app.

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