Where is the "from sound 1 set source to" block?

Hi there I’m trying to make a button where when you click it it shuffles between different tracks. I found a tutorial and I believe it requires this block. But I cannot find this block anywhere! I’ve clicked everywhere in the blocks page and cannot find it at all!

It’s the green block in the picture below. Anyone able to help me locate it?


Hey there, if you are using StP, did you add the sound component?

If you’re using DnD (Drag and Drop), it’s in the Blocks tab in, meanwhile for StP (Snap to Place), first you need to add the sound component from the bottom left corner of the Design Tab, then you need to go to the Blocks tab.

DnD looks like this:

While StP looks like this:

DnD block look: (NOTE: this block will also start/play the sound)

StP block look:

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Hi there, I was in in Drag and Drop. Now I’m in StP and I’ve found it! Sorry, I’m new to all of this so thank you so much for your help!

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Hi @tesstw891il7 - which tutorial were you following? If it’s one of ours then it probably needs to be updated…

I’d recommend sticking with DnD as it has more features and we are no longer adding additional functionality to StP, just as a heads-up!

Hi Domhnall

It’s the “Music App with Playlist, Loop, Shuffle tracks”.

Basically what I want to do is have a button where when you click it it chooses a track at random from a list of tracks. It’s for a Hypnobirthing app, if you click the button it will choose a meditation at random from a tracklist to play.

I played around in drag and drop but I couldn’t figure out how to do it there. I was able to create button to play a track but could figure out how to 1. Play a list of tracks or 2. Get the button to choose a track at random from a tracklist.

Is there an updated drag and drop guide I can follow?


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