Create a file for mp3 files and then play randomly using the sound block on ios

I am trying to create a file to store mp3 files on ios and I want to use the file as a source for the sound block and play them at random.
Is this something you will add or is there a way to do it now.
Many thanks

I’m also interested in playing a random sound from a list when a button is clicked. I think I’m close. Can someone offer advice? Currently, this set-up only plays the “Hands Separatly.m4a” sound.

Random Sound V1 iOS

Hey I’ve got this working. I thought I’d share a screen shot of the final product for anyone who would like help playing a sound file at random from a list.

@jong196 I hope this helps you!


Thank you for helping. I have over 3000 files lol in android I use a zip file but that can’t be done here from what I see. Plus all my blocks keep disappearing arrrggjj lol drives me nuts.

Ah that makes a lot of sense. Weird that your blocks keep disappearing. I’ve not experienced that. Hope it gets sorted out soon!

This was hugely helpful for me, thanks!

Glad to hear it @jhowan! My app worked great. LMK if you run into any trouble while building yours.

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I am not getting option attach mp3 file in list. mp3 file can only be adding to the from sound1 set source block.
See this code:

You can upload a sound file at the bottom of the Design tab components list:

Then, use a text block as the sound source and type in the exact name of the sound file you uploaded.

I was able to get it to work using your blocks but I had to first initialize “app counter” to 1.


How do you get the file block to connect to the create list block?

nvm i just read all the comments :wink: