Where are the beta testing feature flags?


Might be just me here but I am not seeing the beta features settings. Is this just an issue with my browser? (forgot to mention this ui does work, just curious if this update broke beta settings) Thanks.

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They moved the beta setting. Now, when you create a project, you can choose the beta version. Unfortunately, you can no longer use the new block layout with the legacy system. :frowning:


It looks like that for me on my test account too @eoinparkinson

We’re using the check box now to opt-in/opt-out of testing the new UI.

Was there some feature in particular that you were looking for?



I would love it if the beta block designer were available without the drag and drop.

Just sayin…

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Thanks for the feedback @drted - I’ll check with the team about this tomorrow and get back to you.

With the new UI being tested, right now I don’t think this will be added back in, but perhaps in the future?

Can you make a copy of an existing project and work from that?

Hey @domhnallohanlon,

Nothing in particular, I just really liked the idea of having an exclusive beta section but now that I think of it, it hasn’t been removed from Thunkable, you guys have have just rolled out the majority of features.

Definitely something I would like to have though, great to be able to opt-in/out of.