Switch back to normal interface from BETA drag & drop

Hi guys.

I’m new to thunkable.

Have been working on a project in the BETA drag and drop mode but I find it very confusing in some parts.

For example I can not find the “admob banner ads” option anywhere. After all I try to download my project but thunkable insist my project has a admob so I decide to add some banner anyway.
Moreover, most of the tutorials I found are for the original mode.
So the main question: could I switch back my project to the original mode.
Second, if impossible, could I find the admob banner in the Drag & Drop mode?

Thanks so much. Would love to find the solutions asap.

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Switching back is not possible. You need to recreate the project in the legacy UI.

For Drag & Drop coming features you can see:


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Thanks for your answer.
Could we know the next update time?

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Let’s wait for one of the Thunkable staff to advise of a time if available