When I was using a timer loop with 100 millisecond time and if I use the button onclick it doesn’t work

When I was using a timer loop with 100 millisecond time and if I use the button onclick it doesn’t work

My timer runs 20 times more often than yours and the buttons are pressed perfectly.


I can’t explain my problem but you will know by this https://x.thunkable.com/copy/20cf355dba6d65693a9062f8c7bc3732

On my device, the button is pressed well.

I showed you how to handle requests. You decided to do it your way. I’m afraid I don’t want to show the same thing twice.

You chose the wrong way to work with data. It makes sense to use timer requests for slow data exchange (no more than 1 time per second). If you need fast data exchange, you need to use Bluetooth, sockets or other more suitable solutions for this

This is just a test. Can you suggest me best way to do this ?

Use Web Api in synchronous mode

So How can I use Web API in a synchronous mode ? Any documentation?

You have to figure this out for yourself. Thunkable X provides the ability to use different technologies, and how to use these technologies is another question that relates to programming. First, understand what synchronous and asynchronous code operation modes are, and so on. I don’t have any documentation. There is only a training course for beginners - http://droidscript.ru/main/title_ds15.php

I am very close to the success only there is one problem. The animation of the button are weird. It is good in thinkable live but in real device it’s acting weird. https://x.thunkable.com/copy/52af9dfb3c38004df4141cd181699692

In a live test, this doesn’t work for me at all


I think the web api doesn’t work on live test. You should try it on a real device

WebAPi works fine for me on all versions of thunkable.

you can use the block

i used label1 for it is works timer1

if you want to stop timer1, you change timer1 call stop


Can you explain Briefly ?

timer1.intervalmilliseconds = 100
timer1 works timing space (every 100 milliseconds timer1 works)

timer1 is start

timer1.fires block
it is work every row codding when timer1 is play

if you want to stop timer1
you use timer1.stop block

label1 isn’t important. i just want to you see timer1 works.

put the blocks as
label1 set text to label1 get text + 1

you think it is counter when timer1 is runnig