Is it possible for my user to click a button that will start a timer?


I am new to Thunkable and this is my first post so please be patient :slight_smile:

I am creating a health education app for high school students, and one feature I want to integrate is a timer.

Specifically, I want my students to click a button that will allow them to start a timer which will go off after 45 seconds then another timer that will go off after 15 seconds. This will be measuring the length of time they have spent doing exercises/resting. In addition, I will also need to add a timer that will measure 25 minutes followed by a 5 minute timer.

I have been looking all through the forum and the Thunkable docs, but I can not figure out if this is possible. I would appreciate any and all advice for making this happen!

Thank you,!

Hey, you have a timer feature in which you can set a certain amount of milliseconds, just set the “when button clicked and add start timer” and you’re done.
Hope it helps

Yes it’s will be possible

@AcrobatEpee that was exactly what I needed, thanks so much! I really appreciate it.

Be aware though, that the timer will pause the moment your app is no longer in the foreground. So using a timer will only work as long as your app is running in the foreground.

Also see for a similar issue I have.

Still hoping Thunkable will rollout a real clock component soon :wink:

Regards Rob