What kind of components will you develop?

Hello! I’m Peter and I live in Catania. For my projects, I would like to know which components are you implementing to improve the platform? Thanks for the service, but it needs new components.

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Second that. I was hoping that at the same time Thunkable PRO was introduced, also some new components would be announced/implemented.
Fully agree with Pietro that some new components are needed (I think most of them have already been mentioned in this forum and on your GitHub page).
Hope there will be some kind of list/roadmap (or whatever name is applicable) so that we will know which components are in the pipeline and what their status is, so that we at least have an idea of what is coming (or not)

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Hi there-

I believe I’ve mentioned this in a few other posts, but here are a few components in the pipeline:

  1. AdMob
  2. PushNotifications
  3. Cloud Communications
  4. Canvas/Gaming
  5. Blockchain components
  6. Bluetooth

I unfortunately cannot give an exact ETA as sometimes things take longer than expected and we are short staffed on engineers right now, but know that our team wants this just as much as our users! As soon as I have an ETA I will be happy to share.



Are you at least considering to fix the errors that the current components has, in the wait?.
Here are some of the errors i am aware of, and i know that there is more that other users has found…

  1. Sound not working after voice recognition
  2. Not possible to change text colors in list view.
  3. 2 factor authentication support for publishing to app store.

Yes, we are also planning on fixing bugs. Amrita was just responding to a specific question about new components.


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The request is very similar. If you update a platform, creating a differentiation between the free version and the professional version, we must perceive a usefulness. Otherwise, it would have been wiser to wait and formalize it along with new components and debugging existing ones.

I pay what I think is useful. I don’tt pay for what is being tested.

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@Claus_Holbech -

can you send me a sample file that shows problem 1 and 2 and we will get them fixed.

@mike is working on #3 right now.

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Hi amrita

Thanks for getting back to me about this.

Here is a project that shows issue 1 and 2.


When you open the app, press the button labeled “Read the label”. It will talk the text.
After that, press the button Labeled “Push to talk”, and say something.
Now the Read the label button dont play audio anymore, and volume buttons is also not working anymore…

You will have to force quit the app before getting audio to work again.
(It is tested on Iphone with both the live app and a downloaded version).

While you are looking at this, is it then possible to add Danish language to Speech Recognizer (Please)…

In the buttom of the app, I have made a list on a dark grey background, to show that it would be nice to be able to change the text color.


@Claus_Holbech - thank you for this!

@Mark and @paulmw have filed a bug for this and we’re looking into this!!

really appreciate you taking the time to share the file with us - makes it easier to debug on our end

Is the webviewe string for webviewer coming soon?

Hey , How are you guys today?

Does Thunkable release Push Notifications?

Hi @Gabriel_Abramshvilli - should be out in the next week or two!

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