What is Wrong with Firebase Code in My App (Getting 'undefined' from firebase)?

Hello everyone,

I have a project, but I faced with a trouble. I want to get data from a key of Firebase. I get successfully in another apps with same blocks. But, I can’t get in my project even I’ve used same block code as in the projects where I achieve. Why is green shown value falled out from ‘firebase get function’ and cant accept to get the value back next to error value shown as green in attached picture? The problem is due to that? If not, could you explain why I can’t get data? I get as ‘undefined’ instead of the actual data.

Okey I rebuild Firebase Get function but this time I did not directyly get green value, I copied it and it worked. This is already normal function work reason. If there is no local (green) value named ‘value’ I cant use value. But normally The function must give me the value by backuping it. But here it doesnot give. I mean the thunkable x normally not used to allow me leave blank where green value exists in get function. But here not, confusing…