What is the fastest way of filling up a local-source DVL from JSON data?

Hi, I am pulling in filtered data from my Google Sheets database using GVIZ query, which gives me a JSON response of the result. I’m parsing row-by-row of this data and then creating a row of it in the DVL’s local data source, which is taking a looooong time - like for some reason it’s taking ~15sec for creating just 20rows of data. I’ve tried both count .... i loop and for loop, both take long similar times. -

(The first variable startup dvl obj has the full JSON response, and the temp row obj fetches data for the current iteration from the full data. Then I create a row in the data source, and after loop finishes it refreshes the DVL.)

The data I am trying to fetch might range from 100-5000 rows, so I won’t know beforehand the size of my data. Is there any way to just put the json data directly or any efficient way to import json data into a local source? Like if I was working with the simple list here, i could just assign the json list to it and it would display it right away. Can this be done with a DVL too? I am open to exploring options.

(Also, my project is in snap-to-place environment…)

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Y put it in a local table?

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Hi @jared ! How’s it going?

Are there other ways to do this? JSON to DVL efficiently? Please shed some light:)


Hi @jared , do you happen to have any ideas about this? Thanks.

Also anyone else any ideas on this? I’m kinda struggling to pull in data smoothly which doesn’t take too long and slows my app…

Update, I followed @jared 's DVL hack (blank datasource + directly setting data to the elements of the DVL) - I modified the idea to fit for my needs, and I’ll elaborate on this in a new topic about using Google Sheets upto it’s full potential (hopefully soon) for everyone to see :slight_smile:



Great work! Looking forward to the share!

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