What can I do to connect phones wirelessly?

I’m looking through all components and I can’t seem to find something that can connect two phones together.

I’m making an app that allows parents to manage kids’ location and screen time. I can’t find a component that allows the kid’s and parent’s devices to search for each other. Some ways that I would like for them to search for each other:

-Enter a code on the parent’s phone
-Use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to find the kid’s device

This will also mean that the app has to remember the kid’s family.

Hey @blaze :wave: welcome to the community.

There are probably a couple of different approaches you can take to have two devices share information - Firebase might be the easiest? However…

by “manage” location you mean the kids can share their location with their parent, right?

And, in relation to screen time, we don’t really have a way for your to either measure or moderate this.

Let me know if I’ve misunderstood anything here.


**you CAN measure in app time. But only for the thunkable app. I did this with my research project to see time spent in app over the course of the study.

Big surprise? It went down as time went on, indicating users became more proficient with the app! I included a timer because the purpose of the app was to help the user complete the task fast as possible, previously they were completing it by paper and pencil which definitely took longer.

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yes, I do mean that kids can share thier location with parents. But, looking at the privacy features Apple has, I can only use location while in the app.

And if I use the Realtime Database to store the kid’s user ID (because I’m using authentication), can I upload that ID for the parent to enter that ID and retrieve the kid’s ID data? Then the Database could be used to transfer data between all parents, guardians, and kids.

If you include some kind of gamification you may be able to increase the kids use Of the app and actually have them open it so location is transmitted. Like rewarding checkins after a certain number of checkins etc