Webview link to Screen

There is a way to link to screen from webview? Or a trick?

Hi @gbox,

I think you’re referring to deep linking?

At the moment this is not possible in Thunkable X.

Can you tell me a little more about what your use case for this is??

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Hi. I have a Screen1 with a webview. How to call Sreen2 from that webview in Sreen1?

Hi, @gbox! :wave:

Are you using your custom-made website inside the webview?
If so, You can code the button in your website to set a cell’s value in Airtable as navigate.
And continuously check the value as soon as the screen opens.

Thanks! :blush:

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can you explain that a little bite deeper please ?

I’m interested in this. Maybe it can solve my problem. I just integrated agora.io video call api. All the files are in a directory on my website. When I use open link block in thukable, it works but it does not work with webview probably because of video/audio permission.
Can you shed more light on how to do it or probably do a tutorial?
Thank you