Webapp loading wrong

in webapp every page i have a data source list on when screen opens goes back to the home page
and it is also happening to people with Android 8

Hey @Mikas_3D,

Are you experiencing this specifically on Android? Just to add to the case, when publishing as Mobile Web App or Responsive Web App, I can see this on my end too, though only on Android 9 Chrome and iOS Safari. In my case, it sends me back to the first screen. If this hasn’t been submitted already, I suggest you make a bug report of this via Thunkable’s GitHub with detailed information about the issue.

NO i am not , a user to the App email said that what it is doing i saw this while updating the app i just look at it as a wep app and i notice it did that but i did note care because i was not doing a web app i dont have android 8 so i dont know that is what i think happening. I will have to send the user an apk of my previous version of the app

Ahh okay. Well it appears to be Web App specific, so I wouldn’t worry about this for your Native Apps. Either way it’s still and issue and should be checked out. Have you filed a report for this yourself via GitHub?