Web viewer with 100% height and width

Hi, I am not sure if this is been asked before because I didn’t find anything related and sure that someone must asked about it,

How can I set the web viewer to be 100% of the screen dimensions, I checked the documentation about the “fill” attributes but I am allowed enter numberic values only,

I am using free version

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Are you using the older Snap to Place (StP) interface or the newer Drag and Drop (DnD) interface? If you’re not sure, post a screenshot of your Design tab.

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Welcome to Thunkable.

It seems you are using the DnD UI which does not have a fill container option.

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@tatiang yes I am not sure which one I using , please check my screenshot

@muneer I using thubkable for 1 month only I don’t know how to switch between UIs

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That is the Drag & Drop interface. The Group component only exists in DnD, not in StP.

You can convert from StP to DnD but not the other way around. So your only options I’m aware of are to use DnD and manually stretch the Web Viewer the full width & height of the screen or to start over with StP and use the fill container properties for the Web Viewer.


Very clear,
Can I start with other account with StP ? I don’t remember I have any option while registration to choose between StP and DnD.

How to start with StP ?

By stretching the WebViewer I had some hidden edges, from the bottom side

What would recommend ? StP or DnD ? In terms of features and control over the app ?


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When you start a new project, remove the tick from here

This will allow you to start in StP.

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