Web viewer crash when open pdf in android

We try to force download file from link in webview but on android device the app have an unespected crash.
We try to preview pdf file from webview but we receive same issue too.
File link in webview is a standard link html to PHP page to force file download. With native browser work fine.
How could we solve it?
Thks in avance
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Hi, @posta83wte2! :wave:

I also experienced this, when I tried to open a PDF Document in a webview.
The reason is, Thunkable X has a in-built component, called PDF Reader, built specially for displaying PDFs in-app.

Learn more about PDF Reader here.

Thanks! :blush:

we would like to download file without PDF reader.
We would like downloa image, pdf, doc, zip or other.
We have a dynamic files list with differente mimetype.
How could use native http download forcing in webview?

Hi @posta83wte2, have you considered using the mediaDB to store you app media?

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We would to know if webview should be fixed sooner or later.

Other workaround are not good solution for us.
We have a very good responsive website with more functions and we can’t rewrite code to solve issue came from webview.

Can you help us solve the problem of downloads with webview?

Hi @posta83wte2,

I don’t think this is an issue of “fixing” the webviewer, since this is simply not a feature that it ever supported.

Can you tell me a little more about what type of app you are trying to build?


We try to explain shortly.

In webview we show a page with sample link list to different content type/mimetype: image, pdf, other.
On adnroid, only on android, only image link work. If we click on other mimetype link we receive a crash error. If we build and run app on ios all work fine.

Thanks in advance for your support!