Web Preview problem

Hi ! I just want to ask, before this, I can log in my app via web preview but today i tried, it can not log in as usual. I did not change anything on the coding block as it already perfect. One more thing, why my thunkable live keep returning to the splash screen after 2 sec on the log in screen or sign up screen.

Your help would be lovely, thank you in advance !

@gravitontechdomedmx, please check your other topic “Thunkable live bugs”, I already gave you an answer for the 2nd question. For the first question, I’m not sure, its probably another bug, but its web preview so does it really matter? Again, please check topic, “Thunkable live bugs”, because it was a topic you created, I answered, but clearly you didn’t see it. So please look closer next time! :slight_smile:
Shortcut to “Thunkable live bugs”: Thunkable live bugs

Hi, @gravitontechdomedmx. I just got news that they fixed the bug with the Live App with the most recent update, so no more looping. I’m still not sure about the WebPreview, but I wouldn’t treat it as a major issue. (If you have iOS, the Live App may not be updated yet, since it needs to past Apple security before it is updated, but it will be updated shortly)

@gravitontechdomedmx Thanks for reaching out about this. Could you tell us a bit more about the issue with Web Preview? Could you open your browser console and let us know if you see an error message there when you attempt to view your app?

You can find info on how to access your browser’s console here.

It matters to some folks to test via web preview and we want to discover and fix as many bugs as possible, so we’ll definitely want to hear more info about what is happening.