Web API get body content from a webpage

hello again I tested with another link from Wikipedia is did not work the label appears blank. The app I am building one of its functions is to get the wikipedia introduction text on any subject the user needs!

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It is difficult to make a well universal algorithm right away. And Ferrari did not create in one day. But don’t be upset.

Obviously, in a new article, new conditions appeared that were not taken into account in my algorithm.

You can send me a link to this article and what you need to get.

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because I think I’ll give up on this APP. It’s not just one or two links I want, but all the links users need. I tried to adapt the wiki api but I was unsuccessful.

For clear an Html tag, you need to take into account many points - html may be incorrect, there may be markup characters in the text, tags with information can be named differently.

You took the task of creating a parser of information from pages. I can say that solving this problem well with Thunkable X will be difficult. This requires programming skills and a more suitable tool for this.


Thanks for sharing. I found it helpful.