How do I get HTML from website?

Hello. I am trying to make a sports app that gets live scores for college sports. I can’t seem to find a free API for this. My other option is to go to a webpage and get the HTML for the web page. Some thing like this:
This is the website:
This is the website in HTML: view-source:

How to I get the HTML from the website and use it in my thunkable app? I think there is an extension for this but how do I get extensions in Thunkable x?

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Do you mean to view the site itself? This is easily done by web viewer component.

No i mean get the HTML from a website so that I can basically get data from a website and use it in my app.

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Use web API it will get you the html text as the response and then you can search it or use it as you want.

Check it out

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Thank you for the help. There’s just one issue:

The project linked above works but when I change the API url to the website that I am going to use, it reads “undefined” in the label. Can you see if you can get the link to work. Here is the website: