📽 WDC #18 “Show Thunkable 2”

Ok sir pls wait
Thunkable This is Link pls preview it

The app looks great!!!
The UI looks really modern and it works great.

May i suggest a future to be added.
Would be great to add a future to set the chat wallpaper from a URL or from image gallery.

Because if you plan to Publish your project.
I think a lot of people want this future.
And it is a beter custmization future.



Thank you so much sir

hi everyone!
i just wanted to ask a question, till when is WDC open for app submissions? it is because i’m creating an app that allows you to sign in, and send text, video, audio, image, or links to each other. I know its not such a great idea to you Expert thunkers, since i am comparatively new to thunkable, but i decided to give it a shot. Thanks for helping!


I think WDCs (Weekend Design Challenges) are intended to happen over a weekend. They usually come out on Thursday or Friday and I think you have until Sunday night to submit them. But really, even with that timeline, you can always share any projects any time on the forums!


I have a feeling that WDCs are open until the next one comes along, ie Thursday/ Friday. Most people submit during the weekend, but it is possible to submit projects. But I think (correct me if I’m wrong) that you can’t post in old ones once a new WDC has been opened. @domhnallohanlon It’s Saturday, where’s our next WDC?


This is chat prototype i wish to make a proper chat app like whatsapp

Hola, soy nueva en thunkable, he visto algunos tutoriales y he probado y nada sigo sin saber como sería el bloque en thunkable para hacer una búsqueda en un list view con airtable.
Si alguien me podría ayudar se lo agradecería.

un saludo.

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¡Hola, bienvenido a Thunkable! ¿Podría crear un nuevo tema que explique más sobre lo que necesita? ¡Gracias!