📽 WDC #15 "Show Thunkable"

Just realized we could post goals too!

My goals for BookARead are:

  • Add a latest books feature, to display the 10 most recent additions.
  • Make it usable for people in different places. Currently, it only works for people from my society.
  • Improve the UI

btw i have just made an ai app called iMRE
i would like to show it with the new updates here :sweat_smile:

WDC #18 Show Thunkable 2 has already started. Can you post this there?


can you share a few screen shots?

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Hi @muneer
Is there a way you can point me to a sample project or documentation around the Appointment scheduling app if you have one? I am trying to build an online appointment booking app between doctors and patients and I am not able to figure out how to proceed. The approach you described here sounds very interesting.
Thank you- Vidya


Thank you for your comments @busybuzzybots but I’m not sure which approach were you referring to.

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Hey! I saw this project and it seems so cool! I’ve actually been making my own app to teach science, and I really want some inspiration. Would you mind making a new link since this current one is expired? It would help a lot, thank you!

That post is from two years ago and it looks like @human is not active on the forums any longer. So I’m not sure if you’ll get a response.