📽 WDC #15 "Show Thunkable"

If our apps cannot be finished by Monday, then can we still submit them on Tuesday?

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Absolutely! Also, the intent with this particular challenge is to show your progress and talk about your goals for your app rather than submitting a “finished” app so feel free to post an update when it suits you.


Here’s mine.

Currently I have been working on my main app Get Together.

Horizontal Mode

What I Used
  • Data Viewer List to Represent Contacts
  • Firebase RealTime Database to Save messages
  • Cloudinary to Upload Media
  • Firebase Hosting to Stream VideoChats
  • Local Database to Store Contacts

I added a Video Demo to my original post above.


Multi-Language Screen

As a response to another post, I created a multi-lingual screen making use of stored variables and the use of objects to present more than one language in the screen.

I started supporting two languages and use a switch to change the language but then converted it to a list and the demo now supports 4 languages and more languages can be added if desired.

Multi Language Demo Screen


Since I’m still working on my sprite app (I’ll probably be presenting it in WDC #16), I’ll show you all another app I built for a school project, which actually happens to be the first app I ever coded in Thunkable.

Without further ado, I present…


An app where kids can have fun learning science and playing games!

Splash Screen:

Navigation Screen:

Mass Extinction Screen:

Evolution Screen:

Plant Organ Sketch Screen:

Screenshot 2021-05-19 10.42.40 AM

Nutrient Crash Screen:

Mitochondria Masher:

Screenshot 2021-05-19 10.45.24 AM

Link for Remixing:

Hope you like it!

P.S. Now that I think of it, I could have entered the Plant Organ Sketch in WDC #14. Why didn’t I do that?

P.S.S. The Whack-A-Beaver I made for a recent WDC was an adaptation of the Mitochondria Masher Game of this app.


that’s a nice looking app! i’m sure the kids have fun while learning a little science too! i had a little problem playing the motochondria masher game because i’m color blind - i just couldnt tell the difference between the “bad” guys and the “good” guys! - it was playable but i got a very negative score - haha! impressive app!


How to use firebase store data in beta UI?

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This question has been answered many times and you can see detailed posts about it but briefly, use cloud variables to refer to keys in the database.

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Thanks for the suggestion; I’ll try to make this a color-blind-friendly app in the future.


@tatiang How did you display the full size photo fully? I have a gallery app in my phone simulation, and I want to display the full-size photo when anybody clicks on a gallery image. But, the photo is enlarged, and some of it lost, in the full sized image.

In the legacy UI, I’m using these settings:


Great, thanks! Will try that out.

My Inventory App
I have been building an app to help the inventory system at my work. I’ve had some fun with the Google Sheet integrations, but It has been fun. Thank you Thunkable for making app-building fast and easy. I can’t wait to see what else I can do with it.


Could you please share it then? Maybe we could test it out.

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Just realized we could post goals too!

My goals for BookARead are:

  • Add a latest books feature, to display the 10 most recent additions.
  • Make it usable for people in different places. Currently, it only works for people from my society.
  • Improve the UI

btw i have just made an ai app called iMRE
i would like to show it with the new updates here :sweat_smile:

WDC #18 Show Thunkable 2 has already started. Can you post this there?


can you share a few screen shots?

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Hi @muneer
Is there a way you can point me to a sample project or documentation around the Appointment scheduling app if you have one? I am trying to build an online appointment booking app between doctors and patients and I am not able to figure out how to proceed. The approach you described here sounds very interesting.
Thank you- Vidya