📽 WDC #15 "Show Thunkable"

Well I am almost 11, so I literally code all the day. but still, Making apps (working plus beautiful) and taking care of your kids, its just awesome.

keep thunking


i don’t have real apps but i have 3 specialized calculators i’m working on.

the colebrook-white equation is used to calculate the friction factor in gas pipelines in turbulent flow. note that in the formula, square root of f, √f appears on both sides of the equation so an iterative method was used to arrive at the solution that satisfies the formula, within acceptable thresholds. It is used mainly in the field of fluid dynamics.

the cockcroft-gault formula computes a simple means to provide a reliable approximation of residual renal function in all patients with CKD (chronic kidney disease).

i’m also working on a set of “CKDEPI” formulas (Chronic Kidney Disease Epidemiology Collaboration), which uses different variables to compute GFR ( glomerular filtration rate), which is another way to measure the functioning of the kidney. i had used google sheets as the data source for this project to take advantage of the computational power of google sheets but it looks like i may have to recode the formula into thunkable blocks to avoid the hassle of installing a google sheet with the app.

basically, i just want to try the process of putting at least one of these calculators in the play store. but i’m wondering how to price them. if i give them away (ie. set price to zero), can i really make any money, though? i don’t expect these to be best sellers, but merely knowing that it has been used in real life is good enough satisfaction for me, especially if it’s one of these kidney health level calculators…

i’m gonna have to start reading the PUBLISH article posted earlier in this thread.


I love all the submissions so far! Here’s mine:

I had to change from Phone Simulation because it’s a huuuuuge project and involves around 35 screens. So, I decided to share a project I started for my community(not Thunkable community, the other type). It’s called BookARead. From most of my WDC submissions up till now, I think it’s been obvious that I’m a big bookworm.

When I used to borrow and lend books with my friends, I used to find it hard to have back and forth WhatsApp conversations about what books we had and what we could borrow/ what we could lend. I’d been coding for around 3 months, so I decided to solve the problem using Thunkable. What came out was an app that allowed people within my community to borrow, lend, view all information of, scan, and request books with ease.

View Books

View Book Info

Borrow a book

On a phone, this directly opens the WhatsApp chat with the owner of the book.

Rate a book

Add a book

Requets a book

Profile Page

Right now, it looks disgusting as I took all these screenshots during Live Test, and doesn’t really resize to fit. It looks better during Phone Test.

A more detailed explanation

This app:

  • Displays all the books added
  • Can search for books by name, author, or genre
  • Displays all the information about a selected book, so you know what you’re borrowing. It displays: Book name, Author’s name, Owner’s name, Address(so you know where to pick it up from), availability, Damage fine, Maximum holding time, genre, average ratings, image, and about book.
  • Sends a pre-formatted WhatsApp message to the owner of a book.
  • Allows you to rate books.
  • Allows you to favourite books.
  • Allows you to scan a book’s barcode when adding it to the library, and fills the book name, author’s name, about the book, and genre
    (thanks @tatiang!).
  • Saves your name, phone number, and address.
  • Has ‘Information’ buttons so you know what to do with everything.
  • Allows you to view requested books and request some yourself!
  • Has a profile page that displays your name, phone number, address, books you added to the library, and favourite books.

The UI could use a lot of work, it’s not really user-friendly right now. I’ve given the app to a few people in my community, and so far, it’s gotten a really good response. I started it in December 2020, and finished the basic app in 3 days. I hope to finish it in a few weeks.

Thanks for reading!

What I used

  • APIs
  • DVGs (data viewer grids)
  • DVLs (data viewer lists)
  • Camera
  • Photo Gallery component

What I learnt

I learnt a lot with BookARead, and this wouldn’t have been possible without the help form all the Community!

I learnt how to use the Google Books API (wouldn’t have been possible without @tatiang ).
I learnt how to use DVLs, DVGs, and Airtable properly.
And… I learnt how to create terrible UI (wait, I already knew that!).


I have a new submission that I have done as a response to a post and it was not possible without the valuable contribution of @catsarisky

The app is still at its starting stages and by far not complete but partially functional.

It is a utility to export your entries as a vCard which you can automatically insert in you phone contact.

vCard Export Tool


Oh, it was all you, @muneer! I just pointed out where it was broken a few times. :slight_smile:


Without the “pointing out” of what was broken I would have kept trying and nothing accomplished by now. Many thanks for your prompt response.

The app requires an HTML file

See attached
Create-file.txt (1.9 KB)


If our apps cannot be finished by Monday, then can we still submit them on Tuesday?

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Absolutely! Also, the intent with this particular challenge is to show your progress and talk about your goals for your app rather than submitting a “finished” app so feel free to post an update when it suits you.


Here’s mine.

Currently I have been working on my main app Get Together.

Horizontal Mode

What I Used
  • Data Viewer List to Represent Contacts
  • Firebase RealTime Database to Save messages
  • Cloudinary to Upload Media
  • Firebase Hosting to Stream VideoChats
  • Local Database to Store Contacts

I added a Video Demo to my original post above.


Multi-Language Screen

As a response to another post, I created a multi-lingual screen making use of stored variables and the use of objects to present more than one language in the screen.

I started supporting two languages and use a switch to change the language but then converted it to a list and the demo now supports 4 languages and more languages can be added if desired.

Multi Language Demo Screen


Since I’m still working on my sprite app (I’ll probably be presenting it in WDC #16), I’ll show you all another app I built for a school project, which actually happens to be the first app I ever coded in Thunkable.

Without further ado, I present…


An app where kids can have fun learning science and playing games!

Splash Screen:

Navigation Screen:

Mass Extinction Screen:

Evolution Screen:

Plant Organ Sketch Screen:

Screenshot 2021-05-19 10.42.40 AM

Nutrient Crash Screen:

Mitochondria Masher:

Screenshot 2021-05-19 10.45.24 AM

Link for Remixing:

Hope you like it!

P.S. Now that I think of it, I could have entered the Plant Organ Sketch in WDC #14. Why didn’t I do that?

P.S.S. The Whack-A-Beaver I made for a recent WDC was an adaptation of the Mitochondria Masher Game of this app.


that’s a nice looking app! i’m sure the kids have fun while learning a little science too! i had a little problem playing the motochondria masher game because i’m color blind - i just couldnt tell the difference between the “bad” guys and the “good” guys! - it was playable but i got a very negative score - haha! impressive app!


How to use firebase store data in beta UI?

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This question has been answered many times and you can see detailed posts about it but briefly, use cloud variables to refer to keys in the database.

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Thanks for the suggestion; I’ll try to make this a color-blind-friendly app in the future.


@tatiang How did you display the full size photo fully? I have a gallery app in my phone simulation, and I want to display the full-size photo when anybody clicks on a gallery image. But, the photo is enlarged, and some of it lost, in the full sized image.

In the legacy UI, I’m using these settings:


Great, thanks! Will try that out.

My Inventory App
I have been building an app to help the inventory system at my work. I’ve had some fun with the Google Sheet integrations, but It has been fun. Thank you Thunkable for making app-building fast and easy. I can’t wait to see what else I can do with it.