Wallpaper and ringtones app!

Wallpaperandringtone (1).apk (2.9 MB)

Download it from above. :smile: Leave your feedback and any bugs


Hey, it looks nice n It would be grt if u share the aia with us. :grinning:

Hi, could you share the aia?

I think this App is not created on Thunkable! :expressionless:

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Lol…however, If It was not created using Thunkable, why is It here?:grinning::grinning:

@fabioirmao and @THE_MDSTO If you use the app, it becomes very clear that it indeed is :smiley:

Also, if the app is not made with thunkable then explain this :wink:

Nice app! :smiley:
I can’t imagine how long it would have taken to make this app :joy:
I’m really impressed! :smiley:

The design you are using is a very common design, maybe another design would help you become more unigue? :slight_smile:

Is there any way to get the aia file?
I really want to know how you made this app :thinking:

Keep up the good work!
Keep Thunking! :wink:

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Sure. I’ll send you the .aia file.

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Congrats, my friend…Nice app

I can make this app within 30 minutes, the developer of this app , he just converted that wallpaper and ringtone website into an app by using webviewer. So its not the big deal guys.

So you especially joined to give your opinion? Why don’t you put your words into action? Make something more difficult or special.


Yes Bro! This app is made with Thunkable. I can’t believe this app is build with Thunkable. I always want to create app like this but i can’t build because i don’t know coding.
Excellent Work Man @The_Gaming_Tech I like the Design Very Much…

Is it possible to get .aia file of this app? :frowning:

Sure. I’ll send you the .aia now.

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It’s a great app.
Can you give me the aia file?

por favor estoy tradando esto hace mucho

you just used other websites sources:

Not very unique… Also this is definitely a copyright infringement… Don’t you think it is kind of embarrasing to use others content while there are even apps from their websites available?

You also did not even add a custom icon for your app…

HI bro u do excellent work
i need aia of this app

it is just webviewers with content of well known websites… :man_facepalming:t4:


Exactly Bro :I