AIA King Collection

Check out my new new .AIA King app, Collection of 25+ games and apps .AIA files in only 1 apk .


And what should we do with the .aia files on our phones?! I think this is quite redundant…

Also I am quite sure you did not create all those .aia and are therefor violating copyright!

And I do not like the look of your app.

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This is a support forum for a great web-app as Thunkable.
Here we help ourselves.
This is not a market of counterfeit goods

I usually find it a little bit early when somebody got 3 minutes read time in the forum and made a big post.

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I actully quite like it :smiley: No money, just 1 app with a lot of free AIA files :smiley:

Keep thunking!

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Thank you for your lovely feedback:heart_eyes::kissing_heart:

chill bro…I have shared only links and with proper permission …some people faces problems while making apps on thunkable that is why I want to help them through this app…don’t be rude…I have not stole anything from anyone…be on limit

you do not just share links, you provide .aia files and do not give any credits to the authors/sources of the work.

Also the way you use ads is a real mess. There is tons of ads in your app and when I try to choose an .aia there comes a dialog that asks which Google Account I want to use to save it - but your ads are showing immediately after pressing any button and they overlap everything… does not look good. To me your app is a simple try to make money by ads with others work without even crediting them for their work…