Vizia App is on Playstore!

Hey guys
Check out my app at the playstore!


I tried your app. Nicely done. It speaks English to me. I get a Dutch screen from Google but i have to speak English. Can that be set to another language?

Can you make documentation. I have to guess now what to say to it. You said it can identify objects but i don’t now how to do that.

Hello Peter
Thank you so much for testing my app and coming back with suggestions…
I’ll set the language to default in the next update so that you can make it speak in the language you want…
You can identify objects by simply swiping down…
I’m planning to launch a website soon so I’ll make sure I add documentation…

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Great! I just recommend changing first screenshot of your app, because it shows an empty screen with title bar. By screenshots, I thought your app is not done. :smiley:

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Ohh lol :joy::joy: but what screenshot shall I put? That’s the UI of my app… Can you recommend something?

lol. I was already done this app .and also its same like that

ohh well I didn’t know about that…I’m working on new features…

Hey @Peter_Mathijssen
I have made a documentation and a website for the app:

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documentation is not a problem.

hmmm see this : Detect an object with vibration
I already told that in this community and also please see the date

It was proof.Any way it was a good app.keep thunking

Calm down man…I never said you didn’t do it before me. Just that I hadnt seen it before doing mine. Who did it first doesn’t really matter. We are all here to learn new things and keep building on them. Happy Thunking :slight_smile: