Video Recorder Feature

Question 1: In the video recorder feature, how do we let our users pause/ stop the video recording if it’s not a timed recording.

Question 2: Along with that, how do we allow our users to download or save the video they just recorder using the video recorder feature?

I’m not sure as I’ve never used it but I did notice that the “Learn More” link in the components drawer takes you to a Thunkable X project instead of the documentation page. Tagging @Steven to remedy that if desired.

To share the video you would use the mediaDB, upload the file there and share the URL returned from cloudinary

Sorry, what? Once the user has finished recording the video for 30 seconds, how would they share the video exactly? What would the code possibly look like? I’m a little bit confused.

@tatiang Thanks! I’ll get that updated.

@manprsc5qm There is some information on this in the docs which I’ll link below. Your main option right now is to upload the video to a mediaDB component (as @jared suggested). Once you do, that block will return the url for the file which will be hosted online. You can then use the url to share the file or store that url inside of a data source, cloud variable, or even in local storage. It all kind of depends on what you’re trying to build. From the docs:

You can display the videos you record with the Video component. You can also save you recorded videos to the cloud with our Media DB component. Once you have saved a video to the cloud, you can store the URL as a cloud variable or in an Airtable DB to make it accessible through the app on other devices.

The docs also include some examples of the blocks you would need to use in order to get things working. Take a look and let us know where you get stuck.