How to play online videos?

I am having problems finding a video file online that can be played by the video component, I tried cloudinary, googledrive, mega, but they don’t work.

I think I should give a link to an ftp like?

Mega has some tools for this but my ubuntu version doesn’t allow me to install those :confused:


For a start Google Drive won’t work (even though it’s easy to extract the stream link). Google doesn’t allow this and so has blocked access to their video stream links without authentication, and authentication can only happen when using the Google Drive file viewer (not a direct file link).

Cloudinary should work, would you mind sharing your code?

I’ve had success with using AWS S3, though they only offer 5GB free storage, though there pricing is insanely cheap.

thx for answering, I just started a blank project to test the video component, the final point is that I’d like to stream different videos, can I only use cloudinary?

The code is just that I ulpoaded a video to cludinary and gave the app the resulting link

You can use any service that offers direct stream urls, such as Cloudinary or AWS. There are definitely a lot more out there too so be sure to check about.

The fact that Cloudinary is already a component in Thunkable X would make using it extremely easy to implement, rather than sussing out endpoints and trying to upload data and retrieving responses.

Also FYI if you think you will use more than 25GB of video but not more than the next option up (Plus) which is a whopping $89/month, you can email Cloudinary and ask them for an allowance raise, I believe it works out at something like 65 credits for $25/month, but don’t quote me on it.

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