Media Cloud alternative

Hi All,
I just wondering if anyone know alternative media cloud solution?
the one i know is firebase storage and cloudinary.
Both have limitation in term of usage and we have to pay if exceed the quota.

my other question, why google drive not able to play any type of media from thunkable?

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Thunkable can play sounds and videos from urls stored in cloud databases. But many databases are stopping the practice of embedding/attaching media. So Airtable used to work for that, for example, but now doesn’t.

Hi Tatiang,
thank you for your information. i just wondering if any media cloud solution with reasonable price.

I don’t know, sorry. It might help if you explained how much media you plan to store and what types of media.

it all about audio file such as mp3

You can run/view files stored in Google Drive but you will be faced with the same usage limitation.

For example this link 1636638374889.png - Google Drive

can be viewed by Thunkable and even here in the community as

The image has a broken link.

Edit: Maybe you didn’t want it displayed…? Anyway, I fixed it. :slight_smile:

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from google drive cant play audio in thunkable.

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