Via IOSHealth kit?


I wonder when it is going to access the IOS health kit function?

This may take sometime but if possible they will add this feature asap :smiley::+1:

Hi there. How are you planning to use the iOS health kit? Just wanted to get a sense if you know what kind of apps you want to build.

Albert @ Thunkable

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Like a fitness running app

@albert I have an app that tells you the steps in the Play Store with more than 30,000 downloads, I need to do it for the iPhone and I’d be fine with the step counter component.

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Got it. I added it to our roadmap – hopefully we can add it soon.


Hi, for me would be very useful to research in health. If you could connect with Apple Watch in the future could be awesome!

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@albert any luck with this?

Hi @albert

Do you have any idea when this feature might be available? It would be incredibly helpful for the app which I am working on at the moment.