VERY IMPORTANT - Prevent decompiling thunkable apk

Hi Thunkers,
**is it possible to Prevent Decompiling “thunkable made” APKs. **
if not i think it will be useless if someone get a pro version of thunkable because anyone can decompile the apk and use it for there purposes.

And i found this answer on stack overflow -

Proguard is a tool that will help you obfusate your code. This comes as part of your android tools and you just need to activate it. This link and this will help further.

Proguard’s default configuration (in proguard.cfg) will be enough to sufficiently obfuscate your code. However you might want to tweak your proguard configuration when you have methods/classes that are being dynamically accessed.

  1. For instance, accessing classes/methods with Reflection will need you to have the code to be intact. You might sometimes experience ClassNotFoundException if proguard obfuscates it.
  2. If you have classes that are being accessed in the AndroidManifest/ Layout Files, you should prevent proguard from obfuscating them.

This can be done by adding

-keep public class <MyPackage.MyClass> 

to your proguard.cfg.


@domhnallohanlon any opinion on this,sir ?

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