Using Responsive Web app to take App Previews and Screenshots

To prepare my IOS App Soumission , I need to compleet the section App Previews and Screenshots. 10 schreen shot on different Iphone tyoes and 3 App preview are required.
For this I have staart the Responsice Web app from the 3 point upper right on the screen I choise => More tools => Developper tools . I get the following screen

In this configuration I can set for exemple Iphone 6,7,8Plus -5.5" screen (1080 x 1920 px)

Then I want to copy this screen setting using the 3 littel buttons + <capture screen , So I receive a screen shot .png , than I want to transfer to Appel Store Connect under the requested schreen shot 5.5" , I receive dimension is wrong , should be 1242 x 2208 .
I change my setting to 1242 X 2208

Er is a wrong setting some where … can some one help me ?

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I m still in the same situation ; I m not abble to provide enough screen shot to compleet my preparation for submission in Appel Store Connect .

Can some one help me ?

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I realize that taking screenshots from a web app is really useful but could you take the screenshots on a mobile device for now?

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Trying to change the size in the Dev Tools is not a good idea. Once you get the screenshot you want use any of the online converters to change the size.

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Tatiang indeed I have take 2 pictures , one from my IPH 10 and one from my Iphone 5c , i get then 2 pictures , not a second picture is accepted in the same category of Iphone , so I still need 8 pictures ( 8 different type of Iphone !!!) + 3 types of mp4 .
Muneer I have never use a online converter , but I will look on this area.

Thank you both for your support , I will keep you posted with the result


The solution with the online converter has perfectlly worked.

Hier is the result ( 1 of the 10 pictures) into the Appel preparation for submission

Screen convertion for Appel 5.5 2022-02-06

Thanks for the type , now I will search further for the 3 requested mp4 records because i receive as result : frame definition to high , I have try severall lower definition without success .
I will keep you posted at the same time any other type of infotmations are the welcome

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