Use web viewer to communicate with web page (html), send URL, and display fb URL?

How to use the web viewer and app to communicate with the web page (html), send the URL to the web page, and display the fb of this URL and press like?

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Hi Tony,

You’re on the right track with looking to use the Post Message/Receive Message functionality of the Web Viewer.

Do you own the web page you are communicating with?

Just to clarify the functionality you’re looking for: you want the user to be able to submit any URL (eg, and you want to display the Facebook page of that company (in this case, Redirecting...) in your Web Viewer?

Since there’s no guarantee that will be at, you will need some database of company websites and their corresponding Facebook pages. When the user submits a URL, return the corresponding Facebook page.

I don’t know if it’s possible to automatically ‘like’ the Facebook page on the user’s behalf. I think it would be much easier to prompt the user to give the page a like!

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See this post that I explain how I get date with number of days added using web viewer extension/